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Unleashing Your Voice: A Guide to Finding Speaking Opportunities as a Female Entrepreneur

By: Raimonda Jankunaite / Founder, Women Thrive Media

Hey there, fearless female entrepreneurs! Ready to take the stage & share your brilliance with the world?

Finding speaking opportunities is a fantastic way to amplify your voice & showcase your expertise. It can help you expand your reach & unlock new opportunities. As a speaker for nearly a decade, I have found that speaking really helps me build confidence & refine my message. It also helps me connect with my ideal clients & inspire & motivate people to join my mission. If you have a business & want to build more visibility for yourself & your business, let's talk about finding speaking opportunities as a female entrepreneur. 

In this guide, we'll navigate the exciting journey of discovering platforms where you can shine. So, grab your favorite cup of motivation & let's dive in!

Build Your Confidence as a Speaker

Before you conquer the world with your words, let's start by boosting your confidence as a speaker. Remember, you're a powerhouse of ideas & expertise. Embrace your uniqueness, & don't be shy about sharing your journey. There may be millions of other speakers who speak on the same topic as you, but there is only one you, who has the story & passion that you do. Everyone is unique & that is your superpower. The more you speak, the more opportunities you will have to build connections with other amazing female entrepreneurs who are inspired by your story & want to see you on more stages. Confidence is contagious & the key to unlocking those connections & speaking opportunities.

Network Like a Pro

Networking is not just about exchanging business cards—it's about building genuine connections. Attend industry events, join online communities like EM/POWEREDbyWMN, & engage with fellow entrepreneurs. Create a support squad of like-minded individuals who can vouch for your speaking prowess. You never know where your next speaking gig might come from! The more you speak & show up as a speaker, the more opportunities you will attract & get recommended to. I love hanging out in communities & Facebook groups where other women are looking for podcast guests, events & summit speakers.  Finding speaking opportunities as a female entrepreneur isn’t as hard when you are surrounded by like-minded people. 

Leverage Social Media for Speaking Opportunities

In the age of hashtags & viral content, social media is your playground. Share your insights, achievements, & thoughts regularly. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter are gold mines for connecting with event organizers & fellow entrepreneurs. Spice up your feed with a dash of personality & watch those speaking opportunities roll in. I like to make sure I always have some videos of me speaking on my social profiles, so potential event organizers can see me in action. I also always have ‘Speaker’ in my bio so I can come up in search when people are looking for speakers. Don’t forget to also customize your profile banner, add a photo of you with a mic on & tell your audience how you add value. 

Craft an Irresistible Speaker Profile

Picture this: a dazzling speaker profile that catches the eye. It's like a superhero resume, showcasing your superpowers. Craft a compelling bio, highlight your expertise, & pepper it with a touch of humor. Make event organizers think, "We need this dynamo on our stage!". Finding speaking opportunities as a female entrepreneur can be fun when you use the free resources in a meaningful & intentional way. When I connect with potential speakers for my events I am always impressed when they have a speaker page on their website or a well-designed one-sheet that tells me what they are about, the topics they speak on & something that shows off their personality & thought leadership. 

Pitch Yourself as a Speaker with a Bit of Zazz

Pitching yourself doesn't have to be dull—it's your chance to shine! Craft a pitch that not only showcases your expertise but also reflects your personality. Inject some personal mission & purpose, share a relatable anecdote, & let your passion shine through. Show them why having you as a speaker is the best decision they'll ever make. If you have spoken on stages before, make a 1-minute speaker reel, or pitch yourself with a 60-second personal video to the event organizer. People always love the extra touch & personalization. It goes a long way when it comes to grabbing the attention of the event organizers. Your passion for what you do can really shine in video content, so go for it.  Finding speaking opportunities as a female entrepreneur is going to become easy when you start to stand out in your niche. 

Explore Niche Platforms for Speakers

Don't just limit yourself to traditional speaking avenues. Explore niche platforms that align with your expertise. To find events I am interested in, I always research platforms like Eventbrite & MeetUp to find more local events for me. Also, there are plenty of podcasts, webinars, & virtual summits that are fantastic arenas where your unique voice can resonate with a targeted audience. The key is building relationships with event hosts & being at the forefront of their minds next time they are hosting an event & looking for a speaker, so that finding speaking opportunities as a female entrepreneur can become more effortless. If you are regularly seen speaking on stage, you will become known as a speaker. Embrace the unconventional & let your authenticity sparkle.

Collaborate & Co-Create with other Speakers

I am a huge fan of collaboration over competition & know the power of communities because that is what has helped me build a global stage with the Women Thrive community. Join communities that you feel connected to. Collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, host joint webinars, do social media lives, or participate in panel discussions. Not only does this expand your network, but it also opens doors to new speaking opportunities. The more, the merrier—when you are seen speaking on as many stages as possible, you will attract even more stages that want you to share your message. You never know who is watching & looking for an expert. 

Congratulations, fabulous female entrepreneurs! You're now armed with extra tools to help you conquer the speaking world & start finding speaking opportunities as a female entrepreneur. Embrace the journey, celebrate your victories, & remember that your voice deserves to be heard. Remember, it takes time to build relationships & establish yourself as a speaker, so know this is a long-term plan, not an overnight goal for success. As long as you are consistent, committed & show up from a place of service, you will eventually get known for what you do & the value you bring. The stage is yours—go out there & dazzle the world with your brilliance! 

Pro-tip: When you do get a speaking engagement, always remember to support the event host, promote the engagement that you received, & share the speaking engagement with your email list or social media audience. The event host will appreciate that & will invite you again or recommend you to others. & Every time you speak, ask for a testimonial, video recording or an introduction, so you can find more speaking opportunities after each engagement. 


 More about the author:

Raimonda Jankunaite is a serial entrepreneur & the founder of Women Thrive Media, a best-selling author, international speaker, speaking coach & visibility expert. She helps other business founders become recognized & highly visible in their areas of expertise & sought-after speakers. She is also the host of Women Thrive Summit - one of the largest global virtual women’s empowerment events. 

Her passion for speaking & empowering others stems from her own personal experience of losing her voice, her identity & confidence due to trauma. Now that she has overcome her own life challenges & found the power in her voice she wants to make sure that no other woman has to hide her light & shy away from speaking up & sharing her story.

Your story matters & the world needs to hear about it.

 Connect with the author:

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