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Who We Are

The EM/POWEREDbyWMN community is one that boasts inclusivity, diversity, boldness, innovation, & genuine friendship. We are a community rooted in the belief that there is room for all of us to succeed & that each of us has something truly special to offer.

Women Empowerment, Community over Competition & Giving Back are at the core of our values. 

We have absolutely loved connecting & building relationships with so many women entrepreneurs since we got started with our platform at the beginning of 2022. Now, one year later, we've created this directory to make it easy for you to support & connect with other incredible women near you as well.

How We Got Started

When our founder first launched a business of her own, BOOKofBIJOUX, she immediately became enamored with the idea of supporting other women-owned businesses. What began as collaborations & small business interviews, manifested into the EM/POWEREDbyWMN community that continues to grow today. Through immersing herself in the small business space & bringing community events to the forefront of her mission, she quickly realized the difficulties of locating different brands to showcase & support. Creating a centralized site to search all things women-owned became a natural next step in our journey of uplifitng & empowering those around us.

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