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Pivoting for Success: 3 Lessons That Taught Me How to Prosper

By: Michele Parad / Holistic Business Mentor

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like your soul is starved for work & a more fulfilling life? If so, I understand what you're going through. 

I was a Marketing & Business Development Executive for a growth tech startup many years ago. With the company's esteemed backing of high-level investors & the prestige that came along with being able to travel in my role, some would say it was a dream job.

Yet, as I went through the motions of living what started to feel like a separate life, I began to question what I was doing. & I don't mean I was questioning the daily demands of my job or any other smaller life detail… I was literally beginning to question:

What am I doing on this planet?

While I had pivoted in my life & career dozens of times before, pursuing different ideas & business ventures, this time felt different. & as it turned out, asking myself that particular question would be the catalyst for the pivot that would ultimately transform my reality entirely. Now, I want to share with you my story & how you can do it, too. 

First, I Pivoted… & Pivoted, & Pivoted…

Having lived in 8 different countries & moved 11 times growing up, I had a Master's Degree in adaptability. That’s why I also moved jobs so many times & realized that my background had prepared me for growth & change long before I even knew.

So, I prepared to pivot as I began to examine my life through a different lens. I sought out mentors, astrologists, personality tests; anything that might help give me a different perspective on what I could offer to the world. 

& in doing so, a seed had been planted in me to become a healer — a huge pivot from being a Marketing executive. Despite push-back & the obvious social opposition of leaving a high-paying “corporate” job, I pivoted once more & pursued that seed to become a healer. I enrolled in courses on alchemy, astrology, & strategy — I tried to soak up as much information & guidance as I could to embrace this new path fully. 

Then, I Prospered

Becoming a healer, however, wasn't the final destination, either. Once again, I had learned that this pivot would lead me to another pivot, & that was okay. Through the discovery work I had already done on myself to learn about my unique skills, strengths, & passions, I finally realized this: I could create my own job.

I had such a unique combination of skills from my background in marketing & business development, & now, I also had skills in healing, spirituality, science, community building, &, most assuredly, pivoting. 

This realization prompted me to embrace the role I was always truly destined for: a Holistic Business Mentor. 

The 3 Rules That Taught Me How to Prosper

Looking back, I realized that there were 3 critical lessons in my journey that my subconscious had to learn and& accept to evolve into the prosperous state that I'm in now. Here's what they were:

Rule #1: Change Doesn't Mean Failure

Change doesn't mean failure. If you have to leave a job you've had for 10+ years because your soul just no longer connects with the work, that's okay. That doesn't mean you've failed. 

I had no idea that each time I moved to another country, left a job, pursued a new business venture, or became a healer I wasn't going to fail. No one can know that. However, you can know that simply the act of changing or pivoting doesn't mean that you've failed in something else or that your life isn't going to prosper. 

In fact, quite the opposite is true. You need change to evolve into a newer, higher version of yourself — the version that will attract meaning, fulfillment, & prosperity. 

Rule #2: View Everything As An Adventure

Life is an adventure! There are ups & downs & more ups, followed by more downs & even some twists. Leaving my prestigious job to become a healer was certainly a twist for me. 

Of course, having a plan & having things go according to that plan makes us feel some semblance of agency & control over our lives. But unfortunately, as I've learned, life just isn't linear like that. & the more you accept those ups & downs & twists & the more you welcome the adventures that assuredly await, the more doors will open for you. 

Rule #3: Trust That Possibilities Exist

This is the most cliche thing I'll say, but it's true: life is full of possibilities…however, only if you trust & believe it. I had no idea I would end up creating my own unique profession as a Holistic Business Mentor when I initially left my job as a Marketing Executive. The only way that possibility could have come to fruition was by taking that "leap of faith," leaving that job, & just trusting that the right path would be revealed to me in time. 

& the same is true for you. The only way to evolve from whatever role or stage of life you're in right now is just to make that change & trust that possibilities exist. Trust that the little ripple you create by pivoting something in your life will redirect your path toward something entirely better. 

Success is Never Without Struggle

Success has never been achieved—by anyone—without challenges & struggle. 

Sara Blakely, founder & former CEO of the popular shapewear brand Spanx, had to sell fax machines door-to-door for seven years before the idea of Spanx ever emerged. 

Oprah, our beloved TV mogul & philanthropist, overcame a challenging childhood marked by poverty, trauma, & abuse, before securing a pivotal news anchor role that propelled her to success.

Melanie Perkins, CEO & co-founder of Canva, faced rejection from over 100 investors for seed money before eventually landing success with her start-up design company. 

One of the key lessons when learning how to prosper is realizing that you will struggle and face challenges. But keep at it. Trust your instincts & passions. Trust your Source. & prosperity will come. 


 More about the author:

Michele Parad is an author, speaker, & intuitive guide for conscious leaders. She is known for Your Brilliance Archetype guides & the Sell Your Brilliance® Accelerator which has helped empower her clients to build businesses that align with their path towards Self Actualization. She is also the founder of MultiDimensional Leaders™, a space where entrepreneurs can incubate project ideas, partnerships & share expertise.

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