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The Power of Intentionality: Mindful Career Changes w/ Sequence Partners founder, Gabrielle Hayes

Krystal J [00:01:07]:

Today. We have the incredible Gabrielle Hayes. She's the founder of Sequence Partners and she's continuing to build her stance as this visionary and product career empowerment. I was reading through your bio, Gabrielle, and I love that you really have this focus on innovation and out of the box thinking. So I'm so excited to dive into that. I am very much a creative myself, so I can't wait to hear your take on things and everything that you've been through. But first and foremost, thank you so much for joining us today.

Gabrielle H [00:01:38]:

Yes, I'm so excited to be here with you, Krystal.

Krystal J [00:01:41]:

Well, let's go ahead and just dive into it. I like to hand over the mic to you and have you tell us about your background and everything that's led up to this point where you are at now with your new company and tell us what that is. What is Sequence Partners and what are you working on at this moment?

Gabrielle H [00:01:58]:

Yeah, absolutely. It actually is funny to me that you introduce me or say I'm a creative, too, because I think I spent so many years being like, I'm not a creative. I'm in business. I am a corporate girl. I follow the rules. But when I kind of broke free of that and really started to explore who I am, I definitely am a business minded person. But I like to do it out of the box. I like to be super creative.

Gabrielle H [00:02:22]:

So it kind of goes perfectly with my story. I'm a classically trained project manager that spent many years in healthcare corporate doing that. And then by accident, I fell into product management. And then when I got there, I was like, wait a minute, this is a job. This is everything I had dreamed of ever doing. It has a lot of that need to be organized, need to have structure, but there's this creative and you're making new things and bringing new things to light. And so I fell into it by accident, decided it was where I was always supposed to be, even though I didn't know it was a career path. And I've just kind of chased it in all the different facets of it since then.

Gabrielle H [00:03:00]:

And so actually, October of this year, I relaunched my consulting firm to be more focused on careers and career empowerment for people who are in the product management space. And so what we do is we take people on this kind of personal journey of figuring out who they actually are at their core, what kind of environments do they actually thrive in, and then helping kind of match make them to this career ladder and this career path that makes sense in product management based upon who they actually want to show up as in their world.

Krystal J [00:03:27]:

So you're working with individuals, not organizations, that already have their employees lined up?

Gabrielle H [00:03:33]:

Yeah, I work with individuals to get them ready when they're ready to make a move, figure out what their next role is. Right now, obviously, the industry is pretty weird and pretty down, so it's been a lot of people who are laid off and trying to figure out what's next for them. But, yeah, we definitely support more of the people side of things. And then we have an incredible network of recruiters that are just kind of our friends and our buddies. And so once we've kind of worked through with our clients to figure out who they are and how they want to show up, then we can start to present them to our recruiters and our recruiter networks. That way they can start to find the right matches for themselves.

Krystal J [00:04:07]:

I want to dive into that a little bit more because you're talking about helping them figure out who they are and what they're going to be good at, what are they going to be doing for a career, and what does that process look like when you're walking them through that? What are the steps you take to be like, okay, this is really who you are at your core and what you should be doing, and how do you get them to really see that for themselves?

Gabrielle H [00:04:29]:

Yeah. So honestly, it starts with just kind of journaling and asking questions. So I have this blueprint that I give to all of my clients, and it's just this thing that I tell people. Some people finish it in an hour, some people finish it in a month. It really just depends on where you're at and how deep you want to dive into who you are. And so there's some kind of journal prompts throughout that to figure it out. And a lot of it is figuring out what kind of roles and environments, and I don't mean career, but just in general life. Do you feel happiest in? Do you thrive the most in?

Gabrielle H [00:05:02]:

So for me in particular, and this all was created from my own journey, right? I had many twists and turns to figure out, even though I knew I loved product management, where in product management did I want to grow my career? Because I always thought I had to grow these big companies, right? In order to become a CEO, you've got to go to a company big enough that has a CEO. And so that was the path that I was chasing. But when I really slow down and look at it and embrace that creative side of me, I want to move fast. I want to break status quo. I want to change things.

Gabrielle H [00:05:32]:

So for me, that means in product management, I need to be at startup size companies. I need to be at companies that are super small. They're nimble, they're able to quick. It's those kind of things that we start to talk through and then figure out how do we marry them together. And so it's looking at the environments and roles that you play in your personal life that actually bring you joy and make you grow and trying to figure out what does that look like in your career. And I think the largest thing that we have found with people is people don't actually feel like they have a choice. Maybe they have a choice of which company they apply for or which specific job or what salary they ask for. But there's not been this realization that who you are as a person has a choice in the kind of professional environment you put yourself in.

Gabrielle H [00:06:13]:

And so it's been really fun to take everyone down that journey.

Krystal J [00:06:16]:

Yeah, that's so interesting. And even if people do recognize that they have that choice, that's a very scary choice to make, right? And then I love that you mentioned you were in this big corporate career because you were like, oh, there's a CEO position already established. That's what I'm aiming for. But then along your own path, you recognize there's so many limits that are being placed on me because I'm in this big corporate career where everything has already been pre-established and they have this routine that they're already focusing on. And I don't have the room for that creativity, for that innovation. But leaving a corporate job to go to a startup, that is a big change, that is scary. That is a huge pivot.

Krystal J [00:07:02]:

So talk to us about kind of the mindset that has to accompany that kind of change in someone's life.

Gabrielle H [00:07:11]:

Yeah. And I think that's part of why I focus on the person before we focus on a career for that exact reason. It is a huge shift and you've got to be prepared to make that shift. And so one of my kind of key determining factors of if I'm the right person to help someone who's looking for a career coach in this space is are you ready to put in the work? And I don't mean like working nine to five and all of that, but personally with yourself, are you ready to put in the work? Because from someone who was, I bounced around for so long because I couldn't find that right match for me. I always thought it was me, like, what's wrong with me? How come I keep going to all these places and I'm never satisfied? I'm here for a year and then I'm burnt out or I want to do something different. And it was because I wasn't aligning myself to these right places and environments that I want to work in. But it also took me years to get to that point, right?

Gabrielle H [00:08:04]:

I had to go through the work of years of healing, years of therapy, years of all sorts of healing modalities to kind of figure that out. And so it definitely is a lot in your mindset of what your expectations are and what you're looking for in your next place to kind of prepare yourself for the changes that are going to come.

Krystal J [00:08:23]:

Yeah, definitely a lot of inner work that you need to take care of, but I'm sure that with the clients that you work with, just as it was for you, it can take quite a long time. So for those people that aren't ready to make that jump, they aren't ready to kind of commit to that kind of change yet, such a big change, especially in their career, do you continue to work through them? Like, what are the next steps you take them through? Or is it kind of just like we're not the right fit right now? Maybe in a few years we can touch bases again to see where you are at. What does that look like?

Gabrielle H [00:09:00]:

Yeah, I do some one-on-one coaching for people who are maybe I'm not ready to make the leap yet, but I know I'm going to want to in a year or two years, so I want to start preparing myself for that. Definitely. I do some coaching there. I also am not afraid to tell people. I just don't think I'm the right person to help you. We view things very different, or we have very different approaches. And if you're going to invest money in a coach, it should be one that you feel a relationship with that you feel like. I can listen to what they're recommending.

Gabrielle H [00:09:31]:

And I tell my clients all the time, I'm going to have some hard conversations with you, and I'm probably going to tell you some things that you may not want to hear about yourself yet. And it's not for me to be mean or rude, but it's to help you. And I will tell you, every client that I've had to have one of those conversations with, they literally will say to me, yeah, I've been feeling that way. I just haven't wanted to see it or I haven't wanted to address it. And so it's like if you're looking for that kind of change in your life, you probably know there's some things that you have to work on. But having a coach helps us see our blind spots. We can't google what we don't know is our problem. So you can't just go out and figure out how to fix it if you don't even know if it's a problem.

Gabrielle H [00:10:08]:

And so that's really how I see my support as a coach, is to help people see what they aren't seeing about themselves. So that way we can make the right matches for them.

Krystal J [00:10:17]:

Absolutely. And then on the flip side of that, too, it's the accountability, right? Because there's the other side of folks where they do see it, but they're not willing to address it, just like you said. Like, yeah, I kind of already thought that, but I was kind of avoiding that path. Now you're making me really look at it dead in the eye and make the decision. So that's really impactful for you to be able to coach someone through that, because a lot of times that's what we need. We do need that other person to tell us what we don't know or to hold us accountable for all the things that we do already know. We haven't decided or made the commitment to make that leap.

Krystal J [00:11:58]:

So I want to dive into your personal story a little bit more and all of these kind of shifts that you've made throughout your career and you trying to figure out, okay, what role aligns with me and who I am and allows me to really harness all of my creative energy and put it to good use. That must have come with a lot of instances where you were kind of pitching yourself or aren't the ideas that you had or trying to implement some kind of change, but having that change or those pitches be rejected. Is that accurate?

Gabrielle H [00:12:43]:

Yeah, for sure.

Krystal J [00:12:45]:

What was that like? Kind of like constantly hearing like, no, we're not going to do it that way, or no, thanks for your idea, but that's not how we do things here. How did that make you feel in that moment and how did you find the courage to keep going?

Gabrielle H [00:13:00]:

Honestly, I used all of those no's or the. Because that's what I always say. Well, because we've just always done this this way. That was always light a fire underneath me. Watch me. I will prove to you that we don't have to do it that way just because you always have or you always did. And you're right. I think that definitely contributed to why I bounced around for a while, because those literally lit a fire underneath me and I was like, if I can't do it here, I'm going to go find somewhere where I could.

Gabrielle H [00:13:29]:

And I look back now at all of my corporate roles. And I think even if I had to change company or change job, I still left an impact where I was. I still good friends with many of the former people I worked with in many different of my careers. And there'll be parts where they're like, we're still doing this thing that you told us to do, or this thing has changed. I think for me, seeing that change has continued even after I have left has definitely been a celebratory moment. But I think the biggest part is don't take those no's personal. A lot of the times it has nothing to do with you or your idea or your thoughts. It has everything to do with the culture that you're in most of the time or the people you're around.

Gabrielle H [00:14:16]:

And so don't be afraid. If that's what needs to happen, is you need to change those, then you change those. We're allowed to do that. And so I say use it as fire to keep exploring, keep researching. And one of my biggest things that I teach people all the time is don't be married to any idea that you can't consider alternatives. So even when I was making pitches or was making recommendations, that doesn't mean my idea was the best, but I could at least spark this thought of, like, maybe we can do it differently. And then you come together as a team to figure that out.

Krystal J [00:14:47]:

I love that you brought up that last point. Because what I was going to say was one of the things that I try to preach very often is if you do have this idea, it really needs to be something that you're so profoundly. This is something that I believe in, and if someone says no to me, that's no big deal because I know that I believe in it, and that's going to be your fuel to keep going. But you're absolutely right that you do need to have also that open mindedness and that flexibility and ability to just adapt if there are other ways you can take it. And I think it's so important to not be so committed to just one path of how your vision is going to play out. Like you said, there are so many different alternatives and so many different ways to take it. And just as you are kind of pitching your idea to someone else, it really is key to be able to hear ideas back and see how you can grow and really build something beautiful from all of that.

Gabrielle H [00:15:49]:

Yeah. One of my favorite examples is actually a very recent one where when I relaunched, it was because I was so angry at how product managers were being treated in the recruitment process. I was like, they're not being treated like humans, they're being taken advantage of. And so I was like, screw it, I'm going to burn it all to the ground and I'm going to do it my own way. But the reality was when I finally took a step back, because that wasn't going to get me anywhere, right? Like, just being so angry about it and being so vocal about how angry I was wasn't necessarily going to change the problem. When I took a step back and realized it's an education problem, it's not. I'm choosing to be a jerk problem. And so I started partnering with recruiters instead of calling them out for what they were doing wrong.

Gabrielle H [00:16:32]:

And I've built this incredible relationship with them. I've been able to provide education that they were not going to get anywhere else because no one was going to be able to provide it to them. And so it's like, nice, because if you would have asked me six months ago if I was going to be working with recruiters, I was like, heck no, I don't even want to talk to them. They make me so angry. But now I see the value of I had the right idea. Yes, the system is broken. Yes, there are problems. That was the right idea to be pitching, but my solution wasn't mine to find.

Gabrielle H [00:17:00]:

I had to spend time with it and spend time with other people to figure out what the right solution was to that problem to be able to fix it.

Krystal J [00:17:06]:

That's incredible that you were able to really reflect and recognize that you needed to make that shift towards collaboration. I think that's so impactful. I'm a huge fan of collaboration. One of our values with our brand is community over competition. We work with a lot of small businesses, but we can still kind of apply that same value to what you're doing because you are so mission driven and you were able to kind of turn that mind shift of this is what I'm doing because everyone else is like trash or whatever. Obviously those weren't your words, but instead what can I do to really make a bigger impact and shift the way that they're doing things? Not really. Just stand in my own corner because I think what I'm doing is the best way to do things, but let's make a bigger impact. How can I do that and how can I work with all those areas that I do see people struggling in? I think that's incredible.

Gabrielle H [00:18:02]:

Yeah, it was a wild ride for sure, but I'm really proud of where it's landed us.

Krystal J [00:18:06]:

Now you're here, you're the founder of your own business, so talk to us about starting your business and any difficulties that you might have come across along that road.

Gabrielle H [00:18:18]:

Oh yeah, tons of them. It's interesting to say I'm a founder times too, because when I actually sat back and looked at it, one I never envisioned myself as an entrepreneur. I loved working in corporate and I probably would still do that today if I had found the right environment and culture for me. So it was very interesting for me to start to decide to go out on my own and try different things because I just never envisioned this for myself. So I think part of it was I wasn't intentional. When I first launched my business again, that anger got in the way. I was working full time at a consulting firm. I was like, they're not moving fast enough.

Gabrielle H [00:18:55]:

They don't actually care about making an impact on these clients. They're just billing their hours, showing up and doing what they're supposed to do. And it was one of those places I kept getting told no, kept getting told no, and I'm like, screw it, I can go do that myself. I can just duplicate exactly what they're doing and be successful. And I was. But missing that intentionality was a huge part of it because you can only show up unintentionally and successfully together at the same time for so long before eventually you're burnt out or your business isn't successful because you're not showing up the way you're supposed to. So I will say learning to be intentional with everything you're doing in your business is one of my biggest learnings for launching. And then the other part was letting go of the control that I had to be the one to do everything.

Gabrielle H [00:19:36]:

And that is down to bookkeeping. When I tell people I cried for eleven months straight every time I had to close out my books for the business. I am not exaggerating. For eleven months I cried because I kept saying, this shouldn't be that hard. I can just figure it out. Just buckle down and figure it out when I can hire it out for 1 hour of my time a month and never look at it or cry about it again until they tell me there's something I need to look at. And so learning to bring in coaches and experts and mentors in areas that were not my lane of expertise. Because when you launch a business, you have to know a little bit about all of the parts of the business.

Gabrielle H [00:20:12]:

But you don't have to be an expert in all of the parts of the business, and that took me a long time to learn.

Krystal J [00:20:18]:

Yeah, I think that's definitely a hard thing for me, too, because I'm kind of in that transition space now where I'm like, there are so many things that I want to do and obviously so many things that I don't want to do within the business aspect, like accounting. And you need to be able to kind of shift into that mindset where it's like, okay, you need to delegate tasks and recognize that your time is worth so much more, really focusing on the growth of your business or all these incredible visionary ideas that you have. One thing you mentioned when you were talking was being very intentional, showing up intentionally. So I want you to try to break that down for us a little bit. What are some key ways that you have been showing up intentional versus how you might have been doing it in the beginning, where it wasn't very intentional at all and you were just very one track minded?

Gabrielle H [00:21:07]:

Yeah, certainly. So it starts with, I knew I cared about the people more than anything, and anyone who's worked with a big consulting firm knows that's not necessarily the mission. And so I had to be really clear with myself, what do you actually care about? And then that starts to open doors, right? What services do I offer? What pricing do I offer? What metrics do I track? Those are the kind of things once I figured out who I really cared about or what I really cared about, then I was able to start to structure the other parts of my business, but also when it comes to growing and being intentional in that way. One of my favorite tricks I ever learned was a girlfriend of mine said she put an hourly rate for herself. That was her own personal rate. It wasn't necessarily what she charged clients, but that was her deciding factor of like, is it a me thing that I have to do, or can I hire it out or bring in an expert who's going to do it faster and probably better than I am and can teach me along the way. And so that was a huge intentional piece for me when I started to hire it out was like, this is my number, and if I can get help with it from an expert for less than that number, it is worth taking it off my plate because I will tell you, I failed every leadership and personality test there is out there. Control issue.

Gabrielle H [00:22:25]:

And I'm like, yes, just put it right in front of my face. I'm well aware of it. But once you start to own a business, you just can't, like you yourself are finite, you cannot scale yourself and so you have to start looking at the business as a business and start to realize, what do I actually care about growing in certain areas of my business? And then how do I intentionally grow those areas?

Krystal J [00:22:46]:

That last part where you said you yourself are not finite, that was so good. I want to dive into that because for everyone listening, we were actually in a group call right before this call. And something that you mentioned right before the end of that call was that you were kind of in a different space than everyone, where everyone was kind of like really planning their 2024 and making all these big moves and really hustling and excited about everything that's growing. And you are currently in a space where you're like, you know what? I'm going to chill out for a second. And you've been running and running and hustling so hard these past eleven months and really building everything that you've built to this day. And you are now working with someone to kind of give you that opportunity to sit back and release some of that power and kind of just lean into the faith that you have in yourself and this business that you've created. So talk to us about that kind of mindset shift and the importance to be able to do that.

Gabrielle H [00:23:46]:

Yeah. For the last eleven months, I've been running nonstop, basically building two businesses from the ground up. And it's just a constant, right? The website is constantly tweaking, the social media is tweaking, the messaging, the people, the services. I mean, I have for both businesses been in this constant state of change for eleven months. And as much as I want to power through and feel that energy that all these other women were talking about, I'm learning to listen to myself and my intuition. And so I started working with a manifestation coach, which I will wholeheartedly admit still feels a little woo woo to me.

Gabrielle H [00:24:26]:

But I also knew that control was a big factor that was holding me back. And I needed to learn alternative ways to let go of some of that control, because for as long as I kept trying to hold onto it, I was blocking whatever was next for me. And so I feel very clearly that I've done everything I need to do to set my businesses up for success at the launch of 2024. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not showing up. That doesn't mean that I'm sitting back on vacation for the next six weeks, even though one day we're going to claim that one day we'll get a six-week vacation at the end of the year. But I know exactly what I need to do to kind of ride through the end of the year and then how I'm going to show up in January and beyond. And so that will change over time. But definitely, again, it was one of those things where I wasn't going to get there on my own.

Gabrielle H [00:25:14]:

So I needed to hire an expert and a mentor or a coach to kind of help me get there because those were my own blind spots that I couldn't see. Was that my desire to have my hands in everything was slowing down the entire process for everyone.

Krystal J [00:25:28]:

So obviously, you are not a manifestation coach, but for you and your personal journey, are there some kind of routines other than just reflecting on yourself and working on your own mindset? Is there anything that you are physically doing on a daily basis or weekly basis to make sure you're keeping that in check and you're continuing to do all of these things that are allowing you to let go a little bit more and more?

Gabrielle H [00:25:52]:

Yeah, certainly. First things first is I scheduled a CEO day for myself, so one day a week, which for me, it's Mondays. Because I just absolutely hate coming back from the weekend to a 09:00 a.m. Meeting and starting the grind right away. I want to start it slower. So Mondays are my CEO day. I don't take any meetings on Mondays as much as I can avoid it. And that's my time that I spend working on the business, being strategic, deciding what's next, planning out what's missing, and reviewing kind of the metrics that matter to me so that I can be intentional with those decisions going forward.

Gabrielle H [00:26:24]:

The other thing is, I am still a paper planner girl. I have tried 750 times to move to digital. I just cannot do it. And so I spend time every morning when I write out my schedule in my planner. I also write out three dreams for myself. And maybe they're small, like, I want an iced coffee today that I don't have to make. Then maybe I make time to go do that. And then other ones are really big ones.

Gabrielle H [00:26:50]:

Personally, my family is in this kind of location instability right now, where we don't actually know where we're going to end up living full time. And that has been hard for me. So one of my biggest kind of three dreams that I've been carrying for multiple weeks now is letting go and being comfortable and knowing I'll eventually know exactly where we're supposed to be. And right now, I'm just going to enjoy where I'm at.

Krystal J [00:27:13]:

I love that. I also love that you mentioned that even now, in this moment, even though you've been working with this coach, it still at times feels very woo woo to you.

Gabrielle H [00:27:23]:


Krystal J [00:27:24]:

Talk to us about the mindset. When you are getting those feelings, you're still in it. You haven't backed out, and you're like, now, this is not for me. You're recognizing that it's in your best interest, in your business's best interest. But how are you overcoming those kind of, like, that reluctance of doing all these things that your manifestation coach is telling you to do?

Gabrielle H [00:27:47]:

Yeah. So what I will say is I kind of rotate through coaches, so I have multiple for different areas, and so I kind of work with them for the time that I feel like I need that support and that help, and then I take what works for me, I leave what doesn't, and then I move on to where I think my next blind spot is. But in particular with the coaches that I still feel like I'm not sure I'm all in. I try to embrace that uncomfort when I look back. For me, it's been two years of a very intentional healing journey and discovering who I actually am, not just what society told me I was or what my upbringing told me I was. And so I've realized in that uncomfortability, I have discovered an entirely new person. Like, literally, my husband has told our children, the mom you have today is not the woman I married, is not the woman I started dating. She's a totally different person.

Gabrielle H [00:28:39]:

And for me, I'm really proud of that. And so I knew that's one of the things that I kind of have to continue is allowing myself to embrace that. But beyond that, I think one of the bigger things, too, is I started realizing, for me, manifestations are the little joys in life. And so she would talk about, start with manifesting small things. You cannot just start manifesting and say, I want a million dollars, and then be angry when you don't have a million dollars when you wake up in the morning, because that's just not how it works. And it takes a lot of trust and outside forces to make manifestations come true. But what I can say is I'll see little things where I'm like, oh, I wish it was sunny today because we really wanted to do this thing. And then I'm like, oh, but my schedule is full.

Gabrielle H [00:29:28]:

I don't have time to take the kids to go to the jumpy place or whatever it is, and then, bam, a meeting gets canceled and suddenly I have 2 hours to go take them to do something, and it's like, those are the little things that I'm like, oh, I was just thinking about that. And so I've just decided that those are going to be my little sparks of joy, and I count those going forward.

Krystal J [00:29:47]:

Yes. That is so good to just be so grateful of all the little things, not discounting them, right? Because manifestation doesn't have to be this, like, a big, grand vision all the time. It really can be all those little moments where you are sparking joy or recognizing all those beautiful little things in your day, whether it's the sun shining or whatever, or your ability to take the kids out for lunch unexpectedly and do whatever it is that you want to do. I also love that you mentioned how you have a rotation of coaches, which is not even something that I would have really even considered, but it kind of goes back to just being very self-aware of who you are and what you need in that moment and seeking that out.

Gabrielle H [00:30:28]:


Krystal J [00:30:28]:

So you have different coaches for different spaces where you may be at. That's incredible.

Gabrielle H [00:30:34]:

Yeah. And I've built a relationship with them, too, to the point where sometimes I just text them or message them, and I'm like, okay, this is the thing. Is this a you thing? Is this a this person thing who helps me get over this crap? That's what I need to know.

Krystal J [00:30:48]:

Just straight to the point. So, for anyone out there that is kind of at the beginning or very starting point of their entrepreneurial journey or potentially making that leap into starting something for themselves, what is the biggest tip that you can give them?

Gabrielle H [00:31:04]:

Just get started. For me, perfection is the enemy of any progress. And I think almost any business that you study or business owner that you talk to, they have made multiple pivots in their business, whether it's the services they offer, the pricing they charge. There's so many things that can change with a business, and to me, that's the beauty of it. You have full control over flexing and changing what you do or don't offer in your business or how you offer it. But I think for so many people, having a nine to five or this kind of steady paycheck gives you that stability that you're not thinking about those kind of things. So this thought that you have to start making those kind of decisions can feel very audacious and very scary. Just get started.

Gabrielle H [00:31:50]:

The people you talk to will help you learn what you need to change. Your customers will tell you what's working, what's not. Just get out there and start collecting the feedback, and then you'll start to realize what improvements you need to make.

Krystal J [00:32:02]:

Yeah. And like you said, it's about being intentional.

Gabrielle H [00:32:04]:


Krystal J [00:32:04]:

And really going back to your why and being really in tune with your intuition and feeling what is feeling really aligned. And that will allow you to kind of guide you in whatever pivots you're making in that moment without the kind of negative self talk that we often have when we are making a big, drastic change. Such a great tip. You have been incredible, and I love what you're doing, and I love the energy that you're bringing to the table because I feel like it's been a shift from kind of some of my more recent interviews where a lot of it has been very fluid and intentional. But you, I love how much you're like, yes, I know. I need to take control. This is who I am. This is what I'm going for.

Krystal J [00:32:52]:

I love the energy that you're bringing to the table. It's really lighting a fuel in my fire right now. But thank you so much for joining us. Before we end off, where can everyone find you and all the amazing things that you're doing?

Gabrielle H [00:33:04]:

Yeah. So I'm most active on LinkedIn, so certainly you can find me there. And then I'm also on Instagram at @highly.inquistive. And that's kind of the more like behind the scenes, the things that I'm trying to get to this healing state. So happy to share either professionally or personally with anyone who feels led to connect.

Krystal J [00:33:24]:

And of course, those links will be in the show notes. And I forgot to mention at the beginning of this episode that Gabrielle is also one of the incredible speakers that's going to be at the women's thrive summit. And by the time this episode is live, it is actually going to be the week of the summit. So if you are listening to Gabrielle and loving what she has to say, which I have no doubt that you are, you can gain more access to her really soon by making sure that you register to the summit. Check out her talks, check out my talks, check out all the talks with all the incredible women across the world that are being a part of this summit. You are going to love it just as much as I've loved this conversation today. But again, Gabrielle, thank you so much for joining us. I've loved getting to know more of your story and you and who you are.

Gabrielle H [00:34:12]:

Yes, thank you so much, Krystal. This was great.

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