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the Pop-Up Program

connecting our vendor community with brick & mortar businesses

Because these are not full-blown events, the EBW platform will not be promoting each individual pop-up as we would a Market we are hosting. You are encouraged to promote your pop-up yourself via your own platforms.

While we work to find venue partners that already bring in decent foot traffic, it is your responsibility to determine if their natural foot traffic & audience is a fit for you & your brand.

A reservation fee is required prior to receiving your pop-up confirmation. This is due to the timeliness required when confirming vendors with our partnered venues. If the venue subsequently denies your reservation due to either a schedule conflict or misalignment with their vendor preferences, you will either be refunded or given the option to reschedule for a different date. 

Once you receive your vendor confirmation, the reservation fee becomes non-refundable. Please note that it may take up to a week to receive your final confirmation.

Failure to comply with the detailed guidelines listed under each venue may result in no longer being able to participate as a vendor in the program. Please keep in mind that while these pop-ups are not considered EBW events, you are still utilizing an EBW Program & therefore are representing our platform & our mission to an extent. Any lack of professionalism displayed with our partnered venues will not be tolerated.

things to note

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