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Jewelry Brand

Long Island, NY

Mom Owned

About the Brand

Lynnique jewelry started when I was a child. I would sit for hours & just craft the time away. Hair bows, painted pottery, crocheting, jewelry - you name it, I was making it. As I got older, I started to make jewelry because I thought - why buy it when I can make it? That love of all things crafty transitioned to college life. Upon graduating, I was dealing with a health issue. I turned to jewelry as a way to cope with it & get through it. It was like I blinked & I was suddenly surrounded by bracelets & necklaces of all kinds. At that point, I hit a fork in the road - what do I do with all this jewelry? & Without hesitation, the answer was simple - I need to start a business! So, in the early 2000's with no clue what I was getting in to, Lynnique was born.

At one point, my life & career took a little detour. I went back to get my Master's Degree & taught for 10 years. Even then, I knew something was missing. After my daughter was born, I looked at this new little nugget & knew in my heart that I just couldn't leave her. Would I really leave my career & profession? Am I really going to put all this education aside - after earning a Master's Degree & 6 (yes, six) teaching certificates? Yes, I did. So, I held my breath & jumped into Lynnique with two feet.

One day, I hope my daughters will be able to look at my accomplishments & be proud of me. They will be able to see that women can do hard things & we can build businesses from scratch.

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A Note from the Founder

Why not treat yourself & wear something fabulous everyday?



Lynne Intintoli

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