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Personal Growth Coach & NLP Practitioner

Walnut Creek, CA

Latina Owned, Mom Owned

About the Brand

Karla Gregg is a personal growth coach & NLP Practitioner who works with high-achieving women who want to embody authenticity, slow-living & personal growth. Karla guides her clients in becoming their most courageous selves so that they can feel confident in themselves, in their career, relationships & design a life they love.

Her focus is on helping all women embrace their true self & face your fears head-on.

Before coaching, Karla started a YouTube Series called “Never Have I Ever,” where she courageously ventured into new experiences, stepping out of her comfort zone to build her confidence. Through this inspiring project, she motivated over 1 million people to take action & try something new.

Karla specializes in utilizing powerful techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental Emotional Release®, & hypnosis to help women reprogram their subconscious minds for lasting transformation.

Early on in her career she worked as Social Media Producer at Digital Media Management for prominent television shows like American Ninja Warrior & World of Dance, where she coached celebrities to authentically express their offline personalities on-camera. Through this, Karla started her first business a social media boutique agency now called, Unbox & Go.

Currently based in Walnut Creek, California, Karla resides with her husband, enjoying passions for dancing, hiking, eating good food & paddle boarding during her off time.

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A Note from the Founder

Whether you've been a customer, shared a post, or simply cheered me on from the sidelines, please know that your support doesn't go unnoticed. You are the backbone of this business, & I am endlessly grateful for your contributions. My mission is to help women connect to the truth of who they are by courageously becoming & doing what they are meant to be/do. I'm dedicated to achieving this through group coaching, 1:1 sessions, & local events that foster growth & connection within our community. It's truly humbling to see our community of women come together in such a powerful way. Your belief in what I do fuels my passion & drives me to keep pushing forward.



Karla Gregg

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