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Apply to be in the EBW Directory


Join our growing community of women in business!

With our Directory, visitors are able to explore amazing women-owned businesses based on all the things that make those businesses unique - from the products & services they offer, to the people behind the scenes offering them.

With an exponential increase in people looking to support local businesses, we're making it easier to do just that with our incredibly user-friendly &
inclusive search features.

We also know how important brand visibility is, especially for newer businesses. This is why our subscription costs are 25-50% less than other marketplaces/
directories currently available. Our goal is to create a diverse & game-
changing space for all our woman-owned brands, at a price actually feasible for small & upcoming businesses & requires no long-term commitment!


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What are the requirements to apply?

- At least one owner of the business must be a woman

- The business must be actively operating

- The business must be based in the U.S.

- The business must have an active business website or ecommerce site (Instagram may be considered as long as there is a link to book/order/etc.) or physical location

- The business must have quality photos of their product/service available

- The business & any owners cannot engage in or offer any products/services that promote hate or violence

*We are unable to accept any MLM-related applications.

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What does the listing include?



- BACKLINK to your website/ecommerce store




- PHOTOS of up to 3 additional products/offerings

- VIDEO sharing more of your brand/story *optional

- COUPON code for our EM/POWEREDbyWMN audience *optional

+ Get more PERKS depending on the Membership you choose below!

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Ready to apply?

Use the application form below to be considered for our directory.

If your application gets approved, you will receive additional instructions where you will be able to provide all the information necessary for your listing to go live!

directory application

(psst.. we're so excited you want to join our community!)


Describe the ownership of your business (select all that apply)

Thank you for your interest in joining the EM/POWEREDbyWMN community! We will review your application & get back to you as soon as possible. Xo

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