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Handmade Flowers & Tutorials

Central Valley / Bay Area, CA

Black Owned, Mom Owned, WOC Owned

About the Brand

I have always been crafty - I started doing paper flowers when they were really popular back in 2014ish. Life happened & I stopped. The opportunity to start doing them again came in 2020. I got let go from my job & I had found this new way of making paper flowers with crepe paper. So, in June of 2021, I got my LLC for Petal Loft. We are a handmade flower company focused on installations for events & businesses.

I also believe there is more than enough in the world for everyone, so I teach others to do what I do. Helping to build confidence & self esteem (things I struggle with) based on biblical principles.

Screenshot 2022-11-01 214159.png
Screenshot 2022-11-01 214159.png
Screenshot 2022-11-01 214159.png

A Note from the Founder

I appreciate you so much for your support. We are a small business with big ideas. You are helping us bloom, & we are excited to grow with you in mind.



Jennifer Ruiz

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