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Organic Flower Tea

Bay Area, CA

AAPI Owned, Mom Owned

About the Brand

Founded by Eve & Pui, Mala Tara, where "Mala" means flower & "Tara" means water. Born from a deep belief in the healing powers of nature & traditional Southeast Asian wellness practices, Mala Tara offers more than just flower tea—it's about holistic wellness & finding balance amidst the daily rush.

At Mala Tara, our mission is to infuse your daily routine with moments of tranquility & holistic well-being. We craft unique experiences with our organic flower teas, enriching the spirit with every sip.

Specializing in premium organic flower teas, Mala Tara’s premium organic flower teas are sourced from small to medium-sized farms across Thailand. Each flower is handpicked, ensuring purity & the essence of nature in every cup.

What sets Mala Tara apart is our commitment to not just being a tea provider but a community-centric brand. We are not just about tea; we are about community. We are committed to sustainability, supporting our partner farms, & fostering fair trade practices. With us, you are not just sipping tea; you are part of our “Wellbeing in Bloom” journey towards wellness & environmental consciousness.

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A Note from the Founder

As the founders of Mala Tara, Eve—a paw parent & tea enthusiast—is passionate about promoting an organic way of living. Pui, a new mom, values a wellness lifestyle & seeks to better herself, society, & the planet. We're on a mission to redefine wellness by infusing the enchanting essence of flowers into every sip. Our vision transcends the mere offering of herbal or decaf beverages; it's about cultivating a holistic journey towards well-being.

Every time you choose Mala Tara, you do more than just purchase tea—you sustain small to medium-sized farms, promote organic farming practices, & uphold fair trade. Your support reaches far beyond our doors & into the fields of Thailand where our beautiful flowers are grown. You become part of a community dedicated to rejuvenating the wellness spirit & preserving the planet through the power of organic flower teas.

Mala Tara's goal is not just to offer flower tea but to foster a movement towards greater sustainability, health, & inner peace. Together, we can make a significant difference, one cup at a time.

Welcome to the “Wellbeing in Bloom” journey. Let's keep blossoming together.



Neeranuch (Eve) & Supatcha (Pui)

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