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Guided Journal

Los Angeles, CA

AAPI Owned

About the Brand

How We Got Here Journal is a guided journal filled with 50 meaningful questions to ask your parents (or loved ones). The journal is used with parents or loved ones where people can write down their answers/stories or you can simply have them fill out. The special part about this journal is that it is tailored with different important sections -learning about your own childhood, your parent's life, their parent's life & there's a section that is very special to me. There are questions for families like mine that have immigrated to really get to know their journey. This was important for me as an Asian American woman to include this for others that have a story of leaving a country they lived in. For those that haven’t immigrated, it’s a chapter for those that may have felt they didn’t completely belong somewhere & even felt like a foreigner themselves at times.

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Screenshot 2022-11-01 214159.png
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A Note from the Founder

I wrote this because I think no matter how close you are with your family, it doesn't come natural to some of us to ask these meaningful questions & to really get to know our parents on a deeper connection. When I started to learn about my own parents, I understood why they were the way they were & why I am the way I am. I was able to break down a lot of barriers between us. This journal helped me learn about my background, my family, our culture, & from that I'm able to break down the generational patterns that no longer serve me.



Nancy Luong

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